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(ECONOMY) Leak Prevention and Repair Kit

(ECONOMY) Leak Prevention and Repair Kit

Don't get caught paying $1,000s for an RV roof replacement that you can prevent!

Our (ECONOMY) Prevention and Repair Kit contains the cured roofing tape that is essential for your RV roof; it contains enough tape to repair the front or the back of the RV. This kit will give your roof better leak prevention. We want to help you protect your roof!

(ECONOMY) Leak Prevention and Repair Kits Contain:

  • (1) 6" x 8' White Cover Tape
  • (1) Tube White EPDM Caulk
  • (1) 2oz. Bottle Primer
  • (1) Wood Seam Roller
  • (1) Scrubber Pad
  • (1) Pair Disposable Gloves


  • Must ship by Ground or Truck Freight ONLY.

NOTE: Extra caulk may be necessary for larger jobs. This can be added at checkout.


I would like to warn you to use caution when ordering replacement roofs for your RV. There are products out there that are only 8"6" wide that are cheaper because of their width and thickness. The factories do use this product, but their installation is done by professionals and they don't usually make mistakes during installation. I have personally installed these membranes on damaged RV roofs and with this narrow 8'6" material you have only and inch or two to play with. If you are over by an inch you could not get a good seal around your roof edge detail and then you could have a leak.



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(ECONOMY) Leak Prevention and Repair Kit
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(PREMIUM) Leak Prevention and Repair KitDon't get caught paying $1,000s for an RV roof replacement that you can prevent!

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